Master Sword Pendant Necklace

Removable From Sheath - The ULTIMATE Hyrule Collectable

Have YOU saved the princess? Are you the Hero of Time? A valiant adventurer MUST have a memento of his journeys. If you know a Zelda fan, or you ARE a Zelda fan, seriously, this is one of the COOLEST pieces of Legend of Zelda merchandise ever!

  • These golden replications of the Master Sword measure nearly 3 inches (See picture with measuring tape)
  • It can be sheathed.  
  • When sheathed, it sitscomfortably AWESOMELY! (see the picture)
  • The length of the chain is approximately 20" while the Master Sword and sheath measure 2.75".
  • This is weighty! Both the chain, and the sword and sheath are quite heavy for their size, and feel very solidly made.